Barr Government leaves Tuggeranong in the dark

The Barr Labor-Greens Government does not know how to change streetlight globes at major roundabouts in Tuggeranong.
The revelation was confirmed in an annual report hearing today when Liberal Member for Brindabella Nicole Lawder questioned Roads Minister Chris Steel on why some streetlights in Tuggeranong had not been replaced for months.
The Barr Government attached streetlights to communication towers at roundabouts in Tuggeranong. The telecommunication towers are not owned by the ACT Government.
Now the lights have blown, the Government has no plan on how to work with the owners of the towers to change the lightbulbs. It was also revealed that the ACT does not have suitable equipment to access the lights, meaning equipment would have to be brought from interstate.
“How many Labor politicians does it take to change a lightbulb?” Ms Lawder said.
“The Barr Government has left Tuggeranong in the dark.
“It’s simply not good enough. Road safety for Tuggeranong residents is being compromised because of the Barr Government’s lack of planning and foresight.
“Despite the huge increases to rates, taxes, fees and charges, Tuggeranong residents are missing out on basic government services such as streetlighting.
“The Barr Labor-Greens Government obviously cannot be trusted to take care of local services,” Ms Lawder said.