The Barr government has demonstrated it’s not interested in parking or road improvements in the Gungahlin Town Centre as it’s failed to mention this critical infrastructure its latest survey on planning for the Centre, Member for Yerrabi James Milligan said today.
“Town Centre planning is a key issue for local residents in Gungahlin. However, the latest survey on planning is inadequate and fails to take in to account the needs and issues faced by many of the local residents,” Mr Milligan said.
“The Gungahlin Community Council held a survey in 2014, when it became apparent that the Masterplan was failing to meet the needs of the community at that time. Key issues that were raised by locals included roads, access and usability, parking, the need for large department store retail and of course an indoor sports centre.
“The new survey ignores these needs. The focus is on the use of bicycles and the height of buildings, and fails to mention parking, roads, or land use, ignoring the desires of the community, young and old.
“Gungahlin is growing rapidly and there needs to be proper planning for the future, especially with roads and parking. Unfortunately the government has shown it’s not interested in what residents actually need,” Mr Milligan concluded.