Barr government must think that public housing tenants don’t deserve light rail

The Barr government’s plan to relocate public housing tenants away from the proposed light rail route is demeaning and damaging to those families who will struggle to access transport, Shadow Minister for Housing Nicole Lawder said today. 

“It is insulting and hypocritical that the government will not allow public housing tenants to benefit from light rail, by moving them away from the Northbourne Avenue corridor,” Ms Lawder said.

“Rather than using light rail to socially support these tenants, light rail will be the policy that forces their eviction. These tenants along the Northbourne corridor currently have access to the most frequent buses in Canberra, now they’ll be even further marginalised on transport.

“Tenants will be relocated to places of transport disadvantage many kilometres away from Northbourne Avenue. The so called salt and pepper approach is only an excuse to move people away from transport and services to free up land for light rail.

“It is tragic that Minister Yvette Berry is presiding over a public housing policy that actively creates social isolation and transport disadvantage,” Ms Lawder concluded.