Barr Government puts young people and corrections workers at risk

The Barr Government is putting young people and ACT corrections workers at risk.

The ACT Government is placing children and young people in the custody of Court Transport Unit workers who have not been trained in managing juveniles.

In Question Time today, Youth Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith confirmed the Government would continue using officers who aren’t appropriately trained to transfer young people despite the known risk.

Shadow Corrections Minister Giulia Jones said adult corrections workers are fearful of an incident occurring while young people are in their custody.

“Corrections officers are aware of the risks,” Mrs Jones said.

“They are very uncomfortable with the situation because they know they aren’t appropriately trained to respond.”

Shadow Minister for Families, Youth and Community Services Elizabeth Kikkert said it was wrong to continue this practice despite the Court Transport Unit workers’ concerns.

“Continuing this practice reveals deliberate disregard for both government employees and the children placed in their care.”

Mrs Jones and Mrs Kikkert are calling on the Barr Labor-Greens Government to train Court Transport Unit workers as a matter of urgency or cease the controversial practice and assign trained youth justice officers to transfer young detainees.