Barr government’s big spend through Treasurer’s Advance reveals poor budgeting

It’s been revealed the Barr government spent approximately $14.3 million of the Treasurer’s Advance for the 2014-15 financial year, just six days before the end of the financial year, to prop up a shortfall in areas of spending, Shadow Treasurer Brendan Smyth said today. 

“This left only $467,000 of the $29.5 million of the Treasurer’s Advance unspent,” Mr Smyth said.

“The Treasurer’s Advance was tabled in the Legislative Assembly yesterday and demonstrated a spending shortfall of $5.4 million to cover its Concessions Program, $4.7 million to underwrite a shortfall for its First Home Owners Grant scheme and $1.3 million to make up for underfunding of ACT Policing enabling services.

“It demonstrates yet again, that the government has proven itself inept at adequately funding its own programs in the first instance.

“What we also see in the documents tabled yesterday was a last minute rush by Andrew Barr to spend almost all of the available funds before the end of the financial year. The government approved almost $14.3 million in a single day.

“This behaviour demonstrates bad planning, bad budgeting and bad management from Andrew Barr as Treasurer and Chief Minister,” Mr Smyth concluded.