This week we witnessed just how out of touch the Barr government has become as it continued to push extreme plans and policies. It’s typical of a government focused on itself and only listening to a favoured few, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“After this week, you have to ask the question, what is going on with this government? Some of its moves were strange indeed,” Mr Hanson said.

“This week, the government:

 Released plans to allow cyclists to remove helmets.

 Sought to allow drug users to test their illegal drugs to see if they’re safe, thereby giving dealers the stamp of approval.

 Released laws that would restrict police from pursuing drivers acting illegally.

 Allowed parents to be listed as a mother or father on their children’s birth certificates regardless of gender.

 Allowed medical experimentation on comatose people without their consent.

 Voted Joy Burch in as Deputy Speaker despite the cloud of police investigations continuing into her office.


“In contrast I spoke about the priorities of the Canberra Liberals which focus on a better future for all Canberrans, including:

 Fixing the health system.

 Investing in our children’s education.

 Building our city.

 Growing the economy

 Leaving no-one behind.


“There’s a vast difference between the priorities of the Barr government and those of the Canberra Liberals. October’s Election is so important to get Canberra going back in the right direction,” Mr Hanson concluded.

*To read Mr Hanson’s Priorities speech, please follow the link: