Barr Must Make Rates Increase Information Available

Shadow Treasurer Brendan Smyth has today called on Treasurer Andrew Barr to abide by the decision of the Assembly last Thursday for him to table:

By 31 October 2013, any other analysis of the impacts that the taxation reforms implemented to date are expected to have over time. (Hansard, 19 September 2013)

“With rates notices arriving in homes now and reports of many residents receiving significant rates increases, it’s clear to the Canberra Liberals that residential rates are on their way to tripling,” Mr Smyth said today.

“Mr Barr can end this argument today. Surely, before he embarked on his tax changes, he calculated what the effect on the rates of an average Canberra household would be.

“Many people have contacted me as well as media outlets quoting huge rates increases.

“There have also been significant increases in commercial rates well beyond the expectation of the sector. All at a time when the revenue take from conveyancing has increased. So much for a tax that is supposed to be being abolished!

“The facts show rates must triple. The ball is now in Andrew Barr’s court to prove they won’t,” Mr Smyth concluded.