Barr must stop ripping off Canberrans

Chief Minister Andrew Barr must stop ripping off Canberrans, Canberra Liberals Leader Alistair Coe said.
Today in the ACT Legislative Assembly, Mr Coe will call on the Barr Government to stop its punitive increases to rates, taxes, fees and charges.
Since 2012, Labor and the Greens have been deceiving Canberrans by claiming that “tax reform” would be revenue neutral. But since reform began, rates revenue has increased from $209 million in 2011-12, to $558 million in 2018-19. The government estimates it will generate $698 million in rates revenue in 2021-22.
At the same time, revenue from levies, fees and charges has skyrocketed, putting even more pressure on Canberrans.
“Many Canberra households and businesses feel like they’re being ripped off,” Mr Coe said.
“They’re really feeling the pinch. It’s not fair to increase rates, increase taxes, increase fees, increase levies and increase other charges while the quality of government services deteriorates.
“Many Canberrans have a reached a point where they feel like the Barr Government is actively working against them.
“Labor has forgotten about the people they are meant to represent. Canberra households including the working poor are suffering under ACT Labor.
“The Chief Minister needs to stop ripping off Canberrans,” Mr Coe said.