Barr Refuses to Rule Out City Wide Levy for Light Rail

Andrew Barr has let the cat out of the bag deciding not to rule out a city wide levy across the ACT to pay for the government’s ill-conceived $614 million light rail plan from Gungahlin to the City, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.

On 2CC radio this morning Andrew Barr was asked repeatedly whether he’d rule out a city wide levy to pay for the cost of light rail and he declined.

Mark Parton – “So you can rule it [city wide levy] out?”

Andrew Barr – “I can’t rule that out forever…”

“Why can’t Andrew Barr rule this out?” Mr Coe asked.

“This is an admission by Andrew Barr and the government that Canberrans will be hit at the hip pocket and will be asked to fork out more to fund light rail.

“Andrew Barr needs to make his position absolutely clear. Will there or won’t there be increases in rates or taxes for light rail? Will there or won’t there be a city wide levy?” Mr Coe concluded.