Better outcomes, lower costs, safer schools under a Canberra Liberals Government

Better education outcomes, lower cost pressures and safer learning environments will be the future of education under a Canberra Liberals Government.  

The Canberra Liberals have today unveiled our positive plan to help all young Canberrans get ahead, reduce cost of living pressures on families and ensure the best and safest learning environments in Australia.  

Despite Canberra families paying the most per capita on education in Australia, education outcomes in the ACT have steadily declined since 2001. The ACT now has the worst education outcomes in the country when social and economic advantage is considered. School infrastructure has been significantly neglected and have suffered partial closures due to hazardous substances like asbestos and lead contamination.  

Canberra families cannot afford to keep paying higher taxes for declining services. There is a better way. Only a Canberra Liberals Government will deliver lower taxes and better services. 

That’s why we’re committed to reducing cost pressures on families, delivering better outcomes and making sure Canberra schools are the best and safest learning environments in Australia.  

The Leader of the Canberra Liberals Alistair Coe said the Liberals will make Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family by delivering lower taxes and better services for all.  

“We’re committed to delivering real and practical solutions that will improve education outcomes and reduce cost pressures on parents and teachers,” Mr Coe said.   

“We will ensure that Canberra has the best education outcomes in Australia while reducing cost of living pressures on families.” 

“It’s vital that we give every young Canberran the best possible start in life, regardless of the classroom they sit in and a Canberra Liberals Government will do just that.” 

The Shadow Minister for Education Elizabeth Lee said it was about preparing young Canberrans with knowledge and skills for the future.  

“We’ll drive foundational learning to equip future generations with skills that can be applied across life paths and professions,” Ms Lee said. 

Our plan to reduce cost pressures on families  

The Canberra Liberals are committed to reducing cost of living pressures on families.  

  • We’ll guarantee dedicated school buses to every school that needs one 
  • We’ll make extra curricula activities more affordable with $200 Active and Creative Kids vouchers 
  • We’ll ensure fairer funding for ACT schools to put downward pressure on school fees  

Our plan to deliver better education outcomes 

The Canberra Liberals are ambitious for future generations and want Canberra students to achieve the best education standards not just in Australia, but the world. 

  • We’ll renew the focus on foundational learning by anchoring the school curriculum in English, mathematics, science and languages 
  • We’ll free teachers from administrative burdens to enable them to do what they do best  
  • We’ll deliver world class language education for every student 
  • We’ll create 50 new full-time, dedicated teacher librarian positions for every public school  
  • We’ll deliver a new mindfulness and wellness program across all Year 3 classes  
  • We’ll provide more mental health support for our children with mental health first aid training for teachers  
  • We’ll pilot the Clontarf Academy in a Canberra high school to improve the education and employment outcomes of Indigenous young males 

Our plan to ensure the best and safest learning environments 

The Canberra Liberals are committed to ensuring our children have the best and safest learning environments.  

  • We’ll undertake an audit of all ACT Government school infrastructure 
  • We’ll inject an additional $15 million into scheduled and unscheduled school maintenance 
  • We’ll deliver safer school precincts with flashing lights, upgrades to drop off and pick up zones and road crossing supervisors 
  • We’ll deliver new and expanded schools in Molonglo and Gungahlin 
  • We’ll give free tree vouchers to all children on their first day of kindergarten 
  • We’ll launch a tree planting program in all ACT Government schools 

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