Bill Presented To Force Government To Publish Payments Over $10,000

Alistair Coe has introduced legislation into the ACT Legislative Assembly that would increase transparency and accountability in government’s expenditure of taxpayers’ money.

“The Bill will require that the government disclose all payments for invoices over $10,000. Details about the payments would be available online for the public to access,” Mr Coe said today.

“The ACT government spends in excess of $4 billion every year of taxpayers’ money, all of which ultimately comes from individuals and organisations who have worked hard for every cent.

“The government currently provides details of contracts over $25,000. This Bill extends that and provides the public with an opportunity to truly embrace transparency in government spending.

“The Bill was partly inspired by disclosure schemes from the United Kingdom and many American states. However, this Bill is a first for disclosure in Australia.

“Accountability in spending taxpayers’ money should be an attribute of every government. This is an opportunity for the ACT to lead the way on transparency and I hope Labor and the Greens support the Bill,” Mr Coe concluded.