The Barr government has again failed families of children with a disability with regard to the closure of Therapy ACT and the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Today in question time, Minister Chris Bourke was asked serious questions about the future of services and he didn’t have any answers, Shadow Minister for Disability Andrew Wall said today.

“Today I asked the Minister to guarantee that no families will be worse off as a result of the closure of Therapy ACT at the end of this year,” Mr Wall said.

“The response that the Minister provided was:

“There’s only two things I’ve learnt in life to guarantee and one is that the sun will come up tomorrow and two is that one day I’ll turn up my toes,”

“This is an appalling response from the Minister and provides no help to families. Where does this leave them?

“Serious questions remain unanswered as to where families will access services that are currently provided by Therapy ACT, once it is closed at the end of the year.

“Currently children who do not qualify for the NDIS are able to access services such as Speech and Occupational Therapy through Therapy ACT, to date the government has failed to provide any assurance of these services being available after the closure of Therapy ACT.

“It seems that the government is repeating the mistakes it made with the termination of early intervention services in 2014. So far Chris Bourke has been flippant and arrogant in his response to parents.

“I’m calling on the Minister to outline exactly what is in place, how families have been informed of the closure and what alternatives are available before the services cease, before December 2016,” Mr Wall concluded.