Budget Predicts Triple Rates

“There is no plan to triple rates – that’s a lie,” Katy Gallagher, CityNews.com.au, 12 September 2012

During the election campaign, the Canberra Liberals used a graph from the Quinlan Tax Review that showed rates would triple in 10 years throughout campaign brochures, flyers, letters and television advertisements.

“Throughout the election, Katy Gallagher and Andrew Barr both denied this table and both said it was a lie,” ACT Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Yesterday’s Budget illustrates almost exactly that the rates are tripling right now. Instead of 10 years, it will be just over 11 years. The maths is inescapable.



“ACT Labor’s broken promise to not triple rates has been uncovered. This is a government that is completely deceitful and out-of-touch,” concluded Mr Hanson.