Bullying in the health system needs answers

Allegations of bullying, intimidation, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour in the health system cannot go unanswered, Shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne said.
Mrs Dunne is looking for answers about the toxic work culture in the health system. She will question Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris in Estimates hearings today.
“Ms Fitzharris needs to be transparent about the very serious situation she has on her hands,” Mrs Dunne said.
“The extent of intimidation, bullying and misconduct allegations that have been made to the Opposition need answers. Many of these allegations have been directed to the Minister as well. Today is an opportunity for the Minister to address the culture in ACT Health.
“The extent of the allegations show that this is a system-wide problem that has been allowed to fester.
“Doctors, nurses and health staff have every right to work in a safe environment.
“They should not have to go to work every day with feelings of dread about what they might encounter.
“Until the culture of bullying and intimidation is addressed, Ms Fitzharris’ health system will continue to deter interstate health staff from working in Canberra.
“Ms Fitzharris cannot continue to overlook these very serious complaints,” Mrs Dunne concluded.