Gaming Minister Joy Burch has totally failed ACT clubs in the response that she’s tabled today to the largely tripartisan Public Accounts Committee report into the clubs sector, Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing Brendan Smyth said today.

“This was the ideal opportunity for the government to turn its rhetoric into meaningful action to assist ACT clubs into a sustainable future. Instead the government has only agreed to a third of the committee recommendations,” Mr Smyth said.

“The government has not agreed to:

 Develop an action plan to address problem gambling or match clubs’ funding contribution to problem gambling assistance.

 Simplify the Territory Plan to allow increased uses on club land.

 Protect community land.


“This is a government that received $33 million in revenue from poker machines last year and yet from its response it would appear to be unwilling to put a single additional cent into addressing problem gambling in the ACT.

“Minister Burch had the golden opportunity to deliver for ACT clubs today. In an appalling lack of leadership she has squandered the opportunity.

“It’s time this Minister went. Chief Minister Barr should replace her immediately,” Mr Smyth concluded.