Burch Fails To Address Future Disability Services For Kids

The Minister for Disability Joy Burch continues to disregard the concerns of families of children with Global Developmental Delay and autism. Critical government run early intervention and therapy services will end at the conclusion of the school year, yet the government has again failed to outline a successful transition for the services to be run by private operators by the start of 2015, Shadow Minister Disability Andrew Wall said today.

“Joy Burch pretended to address the matter in the Legislative Assembly yesterday, but as time runs out for families of children with disabilities, the Minister is offering no reassurances on what non government services will be available,” Mr Wall said.

“Several months ago the Minister said she would explain the readiness of non government service providers by the start of term four of the 2014 school year. That has now passed yet Ms Burch continues to provide the same generic response to families seeking information and has offered absolutely no detail about what services will be available at the start of the 2015 school year.

“Today I am once again using a motion in the ACT Assembly to ask the Minister to provide clear concise details to Canberra families. I’m calling on Joy Burch to clearly outline what early intervention and therapy services will be available, who will be providing these services and how many kids will be able to access these services.

“The families of the 300 plus young children who need these essential services for their development have been waiting for answers since April when it was first announced that the current services would be axed.

“With only nine weeks left until the end of the 2014 school year, time is critical. Canberra families deserve much better than they are currently getting from this Minister,” Mr Wall concluded.