Burch gave no deadline for completion of cage investigation

Joy Burch as a Minister has again been damaged after questions in a Budget Estimates Committee hearing today revealed the agency conducting an investigation into a child being held in a cage like structure in a Canberra primary school, hadn’t even been given a deadline to complete its work, Shadow Minister for Education Steve Doszpot said today.

“Shared Services was tasked in April to conduct an inquiry that Joy Burch said would take a few weeks to investigate the circumstances surrounding how the cage came to be constructed, who knew about it, who approved it and what other options might have been considered,” Mr Doszpot said.

“Joy Burch has repeatedly pushed back its completion, before she refused last week to put a timeline on its completion.

“Today when officers from Shared Services were questioned, they admitted they had not been given a date to complete the work and that it had taken longer than expected due to lack of availability of various witnesses.

“If Joy Burch was serious about getting to the bottom of this matter, it is well within her capacity and authority to ensure key personnel involved in the school involved be available and the investigation be expedited.

“It’s now been two and half months since Joy Burch announced an investigation that she said would take several weeks and we still don’t have any information. It further demonstrates Ms Burch’s inability to manage such important investigations,” Mr Doszpot concluded.