Burch Must Explain Offensive Hitler Performance at Multicultural Festival Site

Joy Burch has serious questions to answer after the staging of offensive, racist and indecent performances in Civic Square on Friday night as part of the Fringe Festival, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs Giulia Jones said today.

“The first of the performances involved a dancer dressed as Hitler stripping down to underwear on a stage in an open tent. That was followed by a man imitating masturbation and dancers stripping down to nipple covers and underpants. This all occurred in the centre of Civic metres from the multicultural stalls. Did Joy Burch sign off on these performances?” Mrs Jones said.

“It is totally unacceptable an anti Semitic performance was held anywhere, let alone at the site of the National Multicultural Festival.

“Joy Burch must either be ignorant that these performances were occurring, or she signed off on the content, which is worse. Given the fact that Joy Burch is the minister, clearly she is responsible for such offensive and racist performances.

“Furthermore, this show was being staged in the public precinct of Civic Square while families and children were trying to enjoy the Multicultural Festival.

“Given Joy Burch personally granted the money to stage this performance, despite repeated warnings about her lack of due process, this is appalling.

“Joy Burch must be held accountable and I’m calling on her to explain how these performances were allowed to go ahead,” Mrs Jones concluded.