Burch Must Resign Over Disgusting Retweet

Joy Burch must resign as ACT Education Minister after admitting to retweeting an offensive tweet describing her federal counterpart Christopher Pyne in a highly offensive manner, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Joy Burch has demonstrated incredibly poor judgement to describe the federal education minister in such a way. It’s unacceptable for Joy Burch to be in charge of schools and the education of children in the ACT. She’s no longer fit to serve,” Mr Hanson said.

“The onus is now on the Chief Minister to ensure Joy Burch no longer continues as Minister and I’m calling on Katy Gallagher to move swiftly to prevent any further embarrassment to the ACT.

“To be the Minister for Education, high standards have to be adhered to including the Ministerial Code of Conduct which requires ministers to act with ‘respect for others’.

If I or Christopher Pyne had used the same abusive language describing Joy Burch, there’d no doubt be uproar in the media. How can this be acceptable behaviour from a minister in the ACT Government?

“This tweet has now been publicised through the national media and threatens the ACT’s ability to negotiate effectively with the Commonwealth. Most of all though it’s indecent and downright obscene.

“Joy Burch has demonstrated she is no longer fit to serve as leader of the Territory’s schools. This is indefensible,” Mr Hanson concluded.