Burch needs to follow her arts policy

Joy Burch needs to start managing the arts in the ACT and explain the sector’s goals and achievements stemming from her Arts Policy Framework, Shadow Minister for Arts Brendan Smyth said today.

The Arts Policy Framework released in July 2012 states:
“The Framework provides a structure within which arts policy and the goals and outcomes associated with the policy will be developed, and will guide the implementation and review of existing policies and programs,” – Arts Policy Framework pg 7.

“In a Legislative Assembly Committee hearing earlier this month, the Minister could not answer when asked to explain outcomes achieved as a result of her Arts Policy Framework. This is tantamount to policy failure on the part of Ms Burch,” Mr Smyth said.

“To date I’ve heard nothing from the Minister and I’ll be moving a motion in the Assembly today so Joy Burch can explain what she is doing about the arts. It seems the Minister announced a framework with fanfare before the last election, but has failed to act on it.

“A grant of $18,000 has been given to a theatre group to develop a work with the completely inappropriate title of ‘Kill Climate Deniers’. Earlier this year Nazi strippers performed at the Fringe Festival. The Minister really needs to manage the arts properly. Canberrans deserve better leadership from this government,” Mr Smyth concluded.