Burch Should Go After Repeated Failures In Judgement

Joy Burch should apologise then resign as an ACT minister after funding, promoting and endorsing a highly offensive performance at the National Multicultural Festival on Friday night. There is simply no place for Nazi references at the National Multicultural Festival.

The Chair of the ACT Multicultural Forum has described the act as ‘insulting’ and has called for those involved in the decision for this to occur to be made accountable, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Instead of promoting and then defending such a stupid action, Ms Burch should be condemning something that was clearly inappropriate at the Multicultural Festival and which has insulted members of our multicultural community,” Mr Hanson said.

“This latest blunder follows Ms Burch’s highly offensive tweet about the Federal Education Minister and a number of recent failures in her ministerial responsibilities.

“The Chief Minister must step in and apologise to members of our multicultural community who have been insulted, she should condemn this offensive act and she should stand Ms Burch down as a minister.

“The ACT can’t afford any more instances of poor judgement by Joy Burch. This time she has gone beyond causing embarrassment to herself and the government and she has insulted members of our own community. It’s time for her to leave the ministry before she does any further damage,” Mr Hanson concluded.