The Canberra Liberals are renewing calls for Joy Burch to resign or be dumped from Cabinet and for Andrew Barr to cut ACT Labor’s financial and political ties to the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Following revelations that Joy Burch provided details of a conversation with the Chief Police Officer over the conduct of police at building sites to the CFMEU, these calls need to be acted on,” Mr Hanson said.

“The conduct of Joy Burch is not appropriate for a police minister. This incident reported in today’s media is just the latest in a long list issues with Ms Burch, her poor conduct and poor management of her portfolios.

“It seems if you’re talking to the Barr government, you’re talking to the CFMEU. There is no distinction anymore. It’s highly inappropriate to have the Minister or her staff conveying information to the CFMEU, particularly during an investigation.

“Enough is enough, Andrew Barr needs to stand up to the factions in ACT Labor and cut ties with the CFMEU as well as make sure Joy Burch leaves Cabinet,” Mr Hanson concluded.