Burying academic outcomes puts education at risk

Quality education in ACT public schools is put at risk when the Labor-Greens government buries academic indicators and toys with parental choice, Shadow Education Minister Elizabeth Lee has warned.

In 2017 the Auditor-General criticised the government’s failure to effectively use NAPLAN data to improve performance in ACT public schools.

Instead of addressing its shortcomings, the government has sought to bury academic indicators.

Just last week Education Minister Yvette Berry flagged support to remove the My Schools website which gives parents comparative information on the academic performance of all schools.
“Every parent wants their child to get the best education,” Ms Lee said.
“Public education should be open and transparent, affording parents the right to know how their child’s education stacks up against other schools.

“Tests may not be the be all and end all of academic success, they are however an important part of the process; they tell us where our students are at and what we can do better to prepare them for their futures.

“The more information parents have, the better placed they are to ensure the best education to suit their child’s needs.

“The Canberra Liberals believe that when there is opportunity to strengthen education, then we roll our sleeves up and do it.

“Burying the report card that tells us where we can do better is not the answer.

“The privilege of providing a world class education for our future generation is an enormous responsibility for which the government should be accountable.

“Unfortunately, this government is far too sensitive to criticism, and instead of improving areas of weakness, it buries it,” Ms Lee concluded.