Bus backflip a win for Canberra commuters

While many school children will still be left without a dedicated bus service, the Labor-Greens government’s backflip on its radical bus overhaul is a win for many Canberra commuters, Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch said.

“The Canberra Liberals are pleased to see the government change its mind on some the worst of its proposed cuts to bus services,” Miss Burch said.

“Naturally, we are disappointed that Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris didn’t do more to ensure all school children are safe when travelling to and from school.

“On behalf of the community, the Canberra Liberals have campaigned against cuts to school services, cuts to express services, and increased walking distances to nearest stops for many Canberrans.

“Canberrans in the South were appalled at the prospect of losing the peak hour Xpresso services that they rely on to get to and from work. We’re pleased to see that the government has backflipped and restored express peak services for southern Canberra. We’re disappointed that Belconnen residents will still lose express peak services.

“Some schools were unaware of just how severe the government’s planned cuts to school bus services were, until the Canberra Liberals brought it to their attention.

“Of course, Ms Fitzharris wrongly accused the Opposition of scaremongering, but we continued to campaign on behalf of the community who held genuine concerns.

“The fact that the Minister has back-flipped on the cuts shows just how wrong they were in the first place.

“I am very pleased that many people in the community have today had their voices heard,” Miss Burch concluded.