Bus users deserve an apology

Canberra commuters who have endured months of bus chaos deserve an official apology from this long-serving government, Shadow Minister for Transport Candice Burch said.
Since the overhaul of the bus network, Canberrans have suffered extended travel times, longer waits and frequent transfers. While the government’s “tweaks” to the network indicate an admission of failure, Transport Minister Chris Steel has refused to apologise.
“It’s not too late to say sorry,” Miss Burch said.
“Bus patronage and customer satisfaction with the bus network has fallen significantly since Labor cut more than 750 local bus stops and axed dedicated school buses.
“Many people have returned to their cars or have had to change their daily schedules to get from A to B.
“This long-serving same-old thinking government refuses to acknowledge the major disturbance its network has created.
“There are still no guarantees that all axed services, including dedicated school buses will be restored.
“The Canberra community deserves an apology,” Miss Burch said.