Business confidence in ACT government policies hits lowest point

Small to medium businesses in the ACT are steadily losing confidence in the Labor-Greens government, with some believing government policies are working against them, according to a SENSIS Business Index survey, Shadow Minister for Business and Employment Andrew Wall said today.

The data released today shows support for government policies affecting SMB’s fell for a second time in 12 months.

The results showed 64 per cent of ACT businesses surveyed believed that government policies designed to support businesses have little or no impact on their bottom line while 24 per cent believed that government policies are working against the best interests of their businesses.

“The Labor-Greens government does not have the confidence of businesses in Canberra,” Mr Wall said.

“Some major concerns are that there are too many costs imposed on businesses operating in the ACT and there is not enough being done to create and foster job growth.

“This sentiment is in line with the feedback I get when speaking with local businesses.

“The Labor-Greens government has done nothing to improve the prospects for Canberrans wanting to start, grow and prosper in business. There is a great deal of work left to be done to improve the policy decision making here in the ACT,” Mr Wall concluded.