The latest Sensis Business Index shows ACT small to medium businesses are not confident in the ACT Government’s policies. Shadow Minister for Business and Economic Development, Andrew Wall said the report highlights the sentiment the business community is sharing with him on a daily basis.

“Andrew Barr’s Government is failing to deliver the confidence ACT businesses require from their local government,” Mr Wall said today.

The Sensis Business Index for June 2016 states:

Support for the policies of the ACT Government was down 11 points to -2.

“Today’s report is proof that the policies Andrew Barr has put forward are not reducing red tape, increasing confidence or boosting the economy despite his claims that businesses are doing well under his Government.

“ACT businesses are clearly concerned about the direction Andrew Barr is leading the ACT’s economy, particularly by investing in an expensive light rail construction project which will bring little revenue and investment to local businesses.

‘On top of this the light rail consortium’s pay deal with the CFMEU has shattered most confidence Canberra businesses had in this Government, by disrespecting local contractors and pushing them out of the market.

“Local businesses deserve better from their local government. The Canberra Liberals will be focusing on delivering policies that provide a real boost to the local economy,” Mr Wall concluded.