Call For Coordinated Roadworks

ACT Shadow Minister for Urban Services Alistair Coe is today calling on the Government to ensure that roadworks are undertaken in a coordinated manner to stop traffic problems that are foreseeable and avoidable. Mr Coe said the ACT Government has a poor track record for coordinating roadworks throughout Canberra.

“It is often far too difficult for commuters to use Canberra roads because of the Governments lack of care in organising roadworks in the same areas,” Mr Coe said today.

“Often the simultaneous roadworks cause significant delays and put pressure on suburban streets and other arterial roads that are not able to carry the traffic loads the delays create.

“The Government should develop proper road, parking, cycling, pedestrian and public transport infrastructure before existing infrastructure reaches capacity, so that commuters are not being hit with considerable delays.

“I have also been contacted by many Canberra residents about temporary speed limits, which are often implemented too early or at times when no construction work is taking place. This erodes confidence in temporary speed limit signs which are justified.

“My motion calls on the Government to provide temporary traffic management plans that reflect the actual risk and requirements for reduced speed, relative to the stage of construction and time of day.

“Canberrans have just been hit with a 16 per cent increase in their rates, so it is not unreasonable for them to expect to use Canberra roads without difficulty,” Mr Coe concluded.