Calls for more transparency of Barr’s harmful tax regime

The Barr Labor-Greens Government should be more open and transparent about harmful increases to rates, taxes, fees and charges, Canberra Liberals Leader Alistair Coe said.
The ACT Government received $214 million more in taxes in 2018-19 than the previous financial year. Despite this 13 per cent increase in revenue, services are worse than ever.
Mr Coe is calling on the Barr Labor-Greens Government to stop its harmful increases to rates and taxes and publicly release all modelling on the 2018-19 and future revenue projections.
“Families and households are suffering because of the Barr Government’s increasing tax burdens,” Mr Coe said.
“Canberrans are paying more than ever, yet services are worse than ever. But that hasn’t stopped the Barr Green-Labor Government from promising that rates and taxes will go up every year.
“With more heavy lifting on the horizon, it’s only fair that ACT taxpayers know how much more they will be expected to pay every year under a Barr Government.
“Unlike Labor and the Greens, the Canberra Liberals recognise that many Canberrans are doing it tough and can’t afford to keep paying more every year.
“That’s why the Canberra Liberals are committed to freezing residential rates if elected.
“The least the Barr Government could do is be honest and transparent with their revenue modelling,” Mr Coe said.