Canberra families deserve reimbursement for Labor’s taxpayer-funded political junket

ACT Labor must reimburse Canberra families who were left to pick up the tab for a political junket, Shadow Minister for Public Sector Management Candice Burch said.
Chief Minister Andrew Barr sent four political staffers to learn from Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews’ communications team, costing ACT taxpayers almost $3,000.
“It’s bad enough that Canberra families are being taxed more to service Labor’s $3 billion debt bomb,” Miss Burch said.
“Our taxes shouldn’t be spent on sending Andrew Barr’s political operatives to learn political communication tips from the Victorian Labor leader.
“There needs to be real consequences for this sort of misuse of public money.
“This tired and distracted government cannot manage money, that’s why they’re always after yours.
“Canberrans deserve a better way,” Miss Burch said.