Canberra households pay $450 more per year for fuel

Canberra households are being ripped off by about $450 per year for fuel, Canberra Liberals Leader Alistair Coe said.
Using the most recent figures available, it is calculated that Canberra households are paying on average $453 more on fuel than motorists in New South Wales every year.
Fuel in Canberra is 20 to 30 cents per litre more expensive than NSW. The average price difference for unleaded fuel on 23 January 2019 was 25.1 cents per litre. Based on the average consumption of fuel for passenger vehicles per household in 2015-16, Canberra households may have saved on average $453 if they had bought petrol across the border.
“The government’s inaction on fuel prices is costing Canberrans hundreds of dollars every year,” Mr Coe said.
“The government’s ‘do nothing’ strategy is not working.
“We’re being ripped off. Fuel in the ACT is costing Canberrans $453 too much, on a conservative calculation.
“We need to take action to stop the gouging. A Canberra Liberals government will introduce a real-time fuel watch scheme to help bring down Canberra’s out of control petrol prices.
“Under our scheme, we will trial capping fuel prices for 24 hour blocks. The price cap will allow petrol retailers to drop fuel prices to compete for business, but not raise them.
“This will strengthen transparency, competition and predictability of Canberra’s fuel market, putting pressure on retailers to sell petrol at a cheaper rate.
“A similar scheme in Perth helped save motorists around $520 per year.
“I’m confident Canberrans would much rather spend that sort of money on their families, or even on paying off their astronomical rates bills,” Mr Coe said.