It’s crucial for the ACT to review its bail laws before another tragedy strikes, according to Shadow Attorney General Jeremy Hanson. This follows several instances of crimes both locally and interstate, that were committed by people who were, at the time, on bail for other offences.

“Other jurisdictions, such as Victoria, have launched reviews of their bail systems, and it’s important and prudent that we do the same,” Mr Hanson said.

“This isn’t just about the latest terrible incident in Melbourne. We have seen our own awful outcomes and our own tragic results. Too many crimes were committed by those on bail, and too many have left the community wondering what is happening with our system.

“Worse still, the government is unable to keep even basic records of how many people on bail are reoffending, and seems unable or unwilling to deal with the issue. That’s why the Canberra Liberals are going to act.

“I am calling for an urgent, comprehensive review into the bail system in the ACT, either as an independent external review or through the Committee system of the Assembly.

“Both the Prime Minister of Australia and the Federal Leader of the Opposition have made statements in the Commonwealth Parliament that recognise the need and importance of reviews into bail systems across Australia. Victoria has also recognised the need and importance of a review.

“Now I am calling for a full, urgent and independent review for the ACT, to prevent future tragedies from occurring,” Mr Hanson concluded.