Canberra Liberals call for immediate passage of anti-bikie laws

Tomorrow, Jeremy Hanson, Liberal Shadow Attorney-General, will move to pass anti-consorting laws for the ACT immediately, after a woman was shot in another bikie related attack.
The move to immediately press ahead with these laws comes after yet another bikie related attack in Richardson, where a woman received a gunshot wound that required urgent hospital attention.
“Ten years ago, ‘drive-by shooting’ or ‘firebombing’ was unheard of in Canberra. Now we hear of them every few weeks,” Mr Hanson said.
“I am appalled that this attack has happened after I tabled laws to disrupt criminal bikies, and after Labor and the Greens once again refused to back them.
“Then, something like this happens. It’s sickening.
“We have been warning for years that it is only a matter of time before an innocent bystander was wounded or killed by these gangs. It’s not a risk anymore – it has happened, and if we don’t act, it will happen again.
“Tomorrow, I am going to bring anti-consorting laws to the Assembly to debate and bring it into law immediately.
“This could be our last chance before an even worse tragedy occurs.
“The time for excuses from Labor and the Greens is up. Now is the time to stand up for the safety of the people of Canberra,” Mr Hanson concluded.
Mr Hanson first introduced anti-consorting laws to the Assembly in 2017. Labor and the Greens rejected the laws even though they passed all the human rights tests and were deemed the best in the country by the ACT Human Rights Commissioner.