Canberra Liberals call for review into accidental prisoner release

Shadow Minister for Corrections Giulia Jones has again questioned the capacity of Corrections Minister Shane Rattenbury and is calling for a full review into how an inmate was mistakenly released from the Alexander Maconochie Centre.

On December 16, 2017, a detainee who was supposed to have remained in prison on a further remand warrant was mistakenly released. The released prisoner remained on the streets of Canberra for approximately three days before prison staff realised their mistake and issued a notice to the police for his re-arrest.

“I am calling on the government to conduct a review into the accidental release of a dangerous prisoner into our community,” Mrs Jones said.

“Under this Minister’s watch, the AMC is increasingly failing in its most basic functions.

“This is not an isolated incident; it is yet another example in a string of disturbing failings by the Corrections Minister, who seems incapable or uninterested in properly running a professional facility.

“Late last year, I wrote to the Chief Minister seeking his advice as to whether he still maintained confidence in the Corrections Minister, given the many failings on his watch.

“Since April 2016, there have been four escapes, two deaths and violent bashings that left two Indigenous inmates hospitalised. Now, prisoners walk straight out the front door.

“I find these incidents intolerable. Unfortunately, the Chief Minister seems content to tolerate the Correction Minister’s incompetence,” Mrs Jones concluded.