The Canberra Liberals believe Oaks Estate deserves the attention of the local government that its residents pay for, which is why we’ve made specific commitments for the community, Member for Molonglo Steve Doszpot said today.

“Oaks Estate residents have been marginalised by the ACT Labor/Greens Government, yet continue to pay ever increasing rates for services that are never delivered. The Canberra Liberals recognise Oaks Estate residents and will provide support for them with regards to transport, roads, housing and heritage,” Mr Doszpot said.

“The Canberra Liberals will:

 Examine the best solutions for reliable transport to Oaks Estate. We will find a way to link Oaks Estate to the ACTION Bus Network.

 Prioritise road funding for a one-off investment in speed bumps and crossings in Oaks Estate, from within existing road maintenance funding.

 Prioritise maintenance and façade works for public housing in Oaks Estate, from within the existing public housing budget.

 Expedite heritage grading assessments for Oaks Estate to remove uncertainty.

 “ACT Labor and the Greens have ignored Oaks Estate, but the Canberra Liberals have been listening. All Canberrans, no matter where they live, deserve proper local services and we are committed to services for Oaks Estate,” Mr Doszpot concluded.