Andrew Barr needs to explain to the thousands of Canberrans affected by the Mr Fluffy crisis why he’s really walking away from initiating a full Board of Inquiry into the issue. This is a crisis that has touched many people in the ACT and unlike Mr Barr, if the Canberra Liberals are elected, we will initiate the inquiry, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Andrew Barr is making excuses that he needs a joint inquiry with the NSW and Federal governments. These claims are disingenuous. A Board of Inquiry would be established under ACT Law and would have the power to run a full and thorough investigation on its own,” Mr Hanson said.

“Today in the Assembly, I’ll be calling for the Chief Minister to immediately establish Board of inquiry by the end of the month, to report in full in 18 months time. I also call on Mr Rattenbury to support my motion.

“If Andrew Barr had followed the bipartisan Assembly committee’s recommendation in December 2014, the Inquiry would be reporting this month. The government had a real opportunity, but moved it to one side.

“The Inquiry needs to examine the adequacy and effectiveness of loose fill asbestos management regimes in the ACT, previous reports and inquiries into asbestos in Canberra as well as the government’s general handling of the issue which resulted in the eventual buyback scheme.

“The Mr Fluffy crisis has affected thousands. Its veracity and reach deserves the highest possible inquiry which is a Board of Inquiry. It’s very disappointing that Andrew Barr is now making excuses not to do it as opposed to making it happen,” Mr Hanson concluded.