Canberra Liberals to act on bikie violence

After a string of bikie related violence in Canberra suburbs, the Canberra Liberals will fulfil their commitment to bring in tough anti-gang legislation this week, Shadow Attorney-General Jeremy Hanson said today.

 “The most recent attack saw one person shot, bullets fired into a home with children inside, and reports of a small girl using a garden hose to put out cars that had been firebombed by attacking bikies. This is the latest in at least eight attacks this year, each one getting more and more violent.

 “Enough is enough. I am sick of the ACT being a safe haven for these gangs because we do not have the legislation almost every other state in the country now has.

“The police in the ACT have called for these laws. Police in other states have called for these laws, and we have received many calls and correspondence from citizens calling for these laws.

“We have worked very closely with the Human Rights Commission and others to come up with what we believe are the best anti-gang laws in the country.

“They are measured, they are balanced, but they are strong on fighting the real problem – organised criminal gangs meeting to plan and carry out criminal activities.

“We cannot wait for a tragedy when prevention is available to us right now.

Why do Labor and the Greens continue to protect criminal gangs? I call on them to see sense and work with me to pass these laws before an innocent person is maimed or killed,” concluded Mr Hanson.

The Canberra Liberals Criminal Organisation Control Bill will be tabled on 1 November, 2017.