Canberra Liberals To Move No-confidence In Andrew Barr

The Canberra Liberals will today move a no-confidence motion in ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr if he fails to release accurate budget documents. ACT Shadow Treasurer Brendan Smyth said this comes after repeated failures from the Government to provide accurate budget papers, even after the Chief Minister’s pledge for ‘openness in the way we govern, encompassing transparency, participation, and collaboration.’

“The Government has failed to release documents on how their tax reforms will impact residential and commercial rates and the effect of the ICRC determination on the ACTEW water dividend, which could leave a potential $100 million hole in the Budget,” Mr Smyth said today.

“It is unreasonable for Andrew Barr to expect to have a robust and informed debate on a Budget, which we now know isn’t accurate.

“In the Estimates report tabled last week it was recommended that ‘the Appropriation Bill debate not be brought on until such time as the Treasurer has presented an amended bill and relevant budget documents detailing the effect of the ICRC determination on the ACTEW Water dividend and balance sheet.’

“It is negligent to vote on the 2013-14 Budget without knowing the true impact of the Government’s reforms and initiatives on the Budget.

“I call on Andrew Barr to release accurate budget papers prior to the debate this week. Canberra taxpayers deserve to know the whole truth about the Budget and whether the Territory’s funds are being efficiently managed.

“The approach of Andrew Barr thus far has been not been transparent, participative or collaborative, it is deceptive and secretive,” Mr Smyth concluded.