Canberra Liberals To Move No Confidence Motion Against Joy Burch

Today the Canberra Liberals will move a motion of no confidence in government minister Joy Burch following a litany of failures connected to the management of her portfolios over an unacceptably long period of time, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Joy Burch has demonstrated failure after failure and moving a motion of no confidence isn’t a decision the Canberra Liberals are taking lightly. Only in the most necessary circumstances would we take this action but the Canberra Liberals are united in the view that for the sake of good governance, the Legislative Assembly should express no confidence in Joy Burch,” Mr Hanson said.

“Since the last sitting of the Assembly in November 2013, Joy Burch has recklessly described the federal education minister in a highly offensive manner through an ill-conceived retweet. It’s unacceptable for Joy Burch to be in charge of schools and the education of children in the ACT.

“Earlier this month Joy Burch allowed a Nazi strip act to go ahead on an open stage in Civic Square on the opening night of the National Multicultural Festival. She failed to check with organisers about the show’s content before the performance and many in the multicultural community were offended.

“It insulted quite a few people along the way, definitely the German community and of course our friends in the Jewish community, it is just simply unacceptable” – Diana Abdul-Rahman – Chair of the Canberra Multicultural Community Forum – ABC Radio – 10th February 2014.

“Joy Burch has failed in her other portfolios. She closed the Women’s Information Referral Centre in Civic last year without a proper plan for the rollout of essential services for vulnerable women. Ms Burch has also dropped the ball dealing with bullying issues at the CIT.

“During the last Assembly Ms Burch failed vulnerable children at least 24 times by giving their care to unauthorised agencies. She was also caught out handing out Labor Party and Labor Club membership forms to children as young as 14 on a school visit.

“Joy Burch is not fit to be a minister in the ACT. Her ineptitude is glaring and the Legislative Assembly needs to deal with it as a matter of urgency. If the government won’t act, the Canberra Liberals will,” Mr Hanson concluded.