Canberra Liberals to present Safe Schools Program petition

Shadow Minister for Education Andrew Wall will this morning present a petition to the Legislative Assembly which raises concerns about the Safe Schools Program and the impact that the inclusion of any aspect of the program could have on children in ACT schools.

“The petition calls on Chief Minister Andrew Barr and Education Minister Yvette Berry to stop all current and future ACT Government support and funding for the Safe Schools Coalition Program,” Mr Wall said.

“Many ACT residents and their families have serious concerns about the political and social agenda of the Safe Schools Coalition Program. There is concern that the material and associated resources are inappropriate.

“Serious concerns have been raised in the local community about this program, demonstrated by the almost 1000 signatories to this petition. The ACT Government should take notice of the concerns of all Canberrans, not just those who share their personal views or ideology,” Mr Wall concluded.