Canberra Liberals to raise the retirement age of ACT magistrates

Shadow Attorney-General Jeremy Hanson will today table legislation to raise the retirement age for magistrates in the ACT from the current age of 65 to a new age of 70 years old.

“The current retirement age was set many years ago. It does not recognise the valuable contributions these people could still provide to the Canberra community, and it is out of step with modern standards,” Mr Hanson said.

“It takes many years of legal practice and professional development to attain the skills to be a magistrate. Now, just when those Magistrates could be at the peak of their ability and experience, they are forced to retire.

“This bill not only recognises the value of allowing experienced, capable people to keep working, it also addresses an anomaly where the retirement age in the Magistrates Court is 65, but the retirement age in the Supreme Court is 70.

“Furthermore, for years we have been hearing of the workload in our courts and how magistrates have to deal with the issues of an ever increasing population with the same number of magistrates. This allows our best and brightest to continue to serve our community.

“Most other jurisdictions in Australia have already moved to 70 or higher, and it is now time to bring this retirement age up to meet community standards and expectations,” Mr Hanson concluded.