Canberra Liberals Vote Against a Bad Budget

The Canberra Liberals have voted against Andrew Barr’s 2013-14 Budget full of debt, deficit and deceit. ACT Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson said ACT Labor and the Greens have today allowed a Budget that is inaccurate, dishonest and all together bad for Canberrans to be passed through the Assembly.

“For the past two weeks we have been fighting against Andrew Barr’s Budget which will include a black hole of up to $100 million because of the ICRC determination on the ACTEW water dividend, will mean a tripling of rates in the next 11 years and has insufficient information on the government’s light rail project,” Mr Hanson said.

“Today, after refusing to disclose the government’s modelling on their tax reform, Andrew Barr told the Opposition to look at the Budget for detail. What the Budget papers show is that rates will triple in the next 11 years – a claim that both Katy Gallagher and Andrew Barr denied throughout the 2012 Election.

“The government has also failed to make the case for their light rail project which at $614 million is the biggest infrastructure project in the ACT’s history. In fact, according to the government’s own documents, bus rapid transit has a cost benefit double that of light rail.

“Yet despite all of this, ACT Labor and the Greens have proceeded to pass this Budget complete with debt, deficit and deceit. We believe Canberrans deserve more from their local government,” Mr Hanson concluded.