The Canberra Liberals welcome the findings of the expert independent panel, established to review the FOY Group’s application to build a waste plastic to liquid fuel facility in Hume, Shadow Minister for Environment Elizabeth Lee said today.
“The report found that the EIS and supplementary material provided by the FOY Group did not address the numerous issues identified, including the risk of fire and explosion, emissions and the impact on surrounding businesses,” Ms Lee said.
“The panel highlighted the high level of risk associated with such a project and has recommended that even if all the identified issues are addressed that a pilot project would still be required before it was given the go-ahead.
“I thank the many residents who provided well documented submissions to the panel about the dangers the plant would present to the Canberra community. The outcome reflects the value of their considerable efforts.
“The Canberra Liberals call on the Barr government to accept the panel’s findings, recognise the community’s concerns that were widely canvassed and reject the proposal, without delay,” Ms Lee concluded.