Canberra Liberals welcome Gaming Minister’s measured gambling reform package

After months of rigorous advocacy from Canberra’s clubs, the community and the Canberra Liberals, Gaming Minister Gordon Ramsay has proposed a package of gambling reform measures that are sensible, balanced and practical. The Canberra Liberals have been appealing to the Government for a common sense approach and they have responded, Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing Mark Parton said today.

“It’s very clear that the Government has had a change of direction and a most welcome change at that,” Mr Parton said.

“I commend the Minister for having the courage to rethink his position. I daresay that had the Government chosen to consult with the recognised peak body representing the bulk of Canberra’s community clubs, this outcome could have been achieved a lot sooner with far less excruciation.

“Canberra has the best gaming model in the country with the lowest problem gambling rates in the nation and that’s not by accident by any means.

“We congratulate the Minister for finding some sensible middle ground on this issue.

“The Canberra Liberals take problem gambling very seriously. We are considering various options to assist those experience gambling problems.

“In the meantime, I urge the Minister to demonstrate common sense by ending the Chief Minister’s foolish boycott on engagement with the body that represents the vast majority of community clubs in the ACT,” Mr Parton concluded.