A Canberra Liberals Government will enhance opportunities for women by improving workplace flexibility, and encouraging women to achieve career and family aspirations, Shadow Minister for Women Giulia Jones said today.

“The Canberra Liberals are committed to enhancing women’s choices and connectedness, and will work to ensure the ACT Public Service is a leader in workplace flexibility and leads by example developing a culture of flexibility,” Mrs Jones said.

“Our commitments for women that I’m announcing today include:

 Having 100% of public sector jobs flexible by 2025, on the basis of “if not, then why not”

 Equipping senior public servants to think flexibly with workplace arrangements for all employees, where the opportunity exists.

 Establishing internal support teams to provide assistance to each Directorate in developing a welcoming culture for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers who return to work.

“We recognise that flexibility with regards to working remotely, different hours, or job sharing may not be possible in all jobs, but it’s important that attitudes change with an ‘if not, then why not’ test. We should evolve in this space and improvements in flexibility shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.

“I’m proud to be part of a Canberra Liberals team that recognises the important role of women, whether it is as mothers leading families, or in the workplace,” Mrs Jones concluded.