Canberrans can’t trust an ignorant Health Minister

ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith’s lack of knowledge on the performance of ACT hospitals shows you can’t trust Labor to improve the health system.

In Question Time today, the Minister was unable or unwilling to answer basic questions about the performance of ACT hospitals, demonstrating an acute lack of knowledge and commitment to her portfolio.

Some of the questions the Minister would not answer included:

– How The Canberra Hospital compares to other similar hospitals in the country;
– What lessons were learned following the discharging of a police firearm in the emergency department last year; and
– Whether birthing suites are available.

“Given the systemic issues that continue to trouble our hospitals and put patients at risk, the health portfolio should be a leading priority for the Barr Government,” Mrs Dunne said.

“The Canberra Liberals had previously complained that the former health minister was not across issues she was responsible for, but this new minister is worse.

“The community deserves a Minister that is committed to supporting doctors, nurses and other staff in their role,” Mrs Dunne said.