Canberrans can’t trust the Barr Government to consult with the community

You can’t trust the Barr Government to consult with the community.

In Question Time today, Minister for Regulatory Services Gordon Ramsay was unable or unwilling to answer basic questions about the government’s consultation with clubs on significant changes to the longstanding community contributions scheme.

Some questions Mr Ramsay would not answer included:

– Which clubs he had consulted with;
– How many clubs he consulted with; and
– Whether he sought the advice of the Human Rights Commission.

“It’s obvious the Barr Government couldn’t give two hoots about community consultation,” Mr Parton said.

“These changes have had a big impact on the community groups that were formerly supported through the scheme.

“The Canberra Liberals understand the significant contribution clubs make to the Canberra community – obviously Mr Ramsay does not.

“Canberrans are sick of being dictated to by the Barr Government. The community deserves a Government that is committed to genuine consultation,” Mr Parton said.