Canberrans Win With The Scrapping Of The Carbon Tax

This morning the Carbon Tax Repeal bills have passed the Senate, ensuring that Canberra families and businesses are better off.

“Scrapping the Carbon Tax will save the average household around $550 a year, including around $200 on the average household electricity bill and around $70 on the average gas bill. In Canberra, it is estimated consumers will save $228 a year on electricity bills”, Senator Zed Seselja said.

“Labor’s Carbon Tax – the tax they promised to never introduce – put cost of living pressures on Canberrans.”

The Government’s consumer watchdog, the ACCC, has been given extra funding and powers to ensure that savings are passed on to consumers.

“Since the election, Labor has been deliberately ignoring the will of the Australian people and blocking the Carbon Tax repeal. Every day they blocked the repeal, Canberra families paid higher electricity prices.”

“The ICRC has stated that electricity in the ACT will fall 11.6 per cent without the Carbon Tax. For Canberra families struggling with high winter electricity bills, this will be welcome relief.”

“The Carbon Tax is a $9 billion a year hit on the economy. It hurts small businesses and costs jobs.”

“There’s much more to do, but removing the world’s biggest Carbon Tax from the backs of everyday small businesses and families is an important step in building a stronger economy,” concluded Senator Seselja.