Canberra’s Disastrous Emergency Department Waiting Times Still Getting Worse

ACT Shadow Health Minister Jeremy Hanson said today that just when we thought our emergency department waiting times could not get any worse, they have in fact deteriorated significantly. The latest report released on the ACT’s health system has found that only half of the people presenting to our emergency departments are seen on time.

“Waiting times are worse in every category, worryingly only 42 per cent of patients requiring urgent treatment and 44 per cent of patients requiring semi-urgent treatment were seen on time,” Mr Hanson said.

“For six years Katy Gallagher has been saying that she will improve the ACT’s health system, and for six years we have seen our Emergency Department waiting times get worse, and now reach crisis point

  • As Health Minister she created the toxic culture and political pressure that led to the ED data doctoring scandal that hid the looming crisis.
  • As Health Minister she located the Nurse Led Walk in Centre at TCH despite ACT Health’s ED Strategy warning this would cause increased presentations and pressure at ED.
  • As Health Minister she has failed to adequately increase the capacity of our hospital system.

“Not only are we likely to miss out on $800,000 in Commonwealth funding but waiting longer for emergency treatment and longer for admission to hospital can result in adverse clinical results for patients.

“These appalling results represent a total failure in the administration of our health system by Katy Gallagher and she must take full responsibility,” Jeremy Hanson concluded.