Canberra’s working mums will soon be able to feed babies in privacy

Mothers in the ACT public service will soon be able to feed their babies in peace of mind following moves by Shadow Minister for Women Giulia Jones to ensure all breastfeeding rooms in ACT directorates have secure privacy latches.

“I am pleased to announce that the government has finally agreed to my request to see all breastfeeding rooms across 37 public sector buildings in Canberra fitted with secure privacy latches,” Mrs Jones said.

“The government has confirmed that there are only 27 breastfeeding rooms with locks across 37 public sector buildings. Work requests have been made for three locks to be fitted and another seven requests need to be actioned.

“Securing privacy latches across ACT public sector buildings is an important measure for mothers who want to balance their career with family life.

“All mothers have the right to be able to feed their babies in a safe and secure environment in the work place.

“Getting the details right by removing these everyday barriers for women and mothers in the workplace is vital for women’s career aspirations and equality.

“These practical changes will assist in achieving greater female participation in the workforce, and I thank the ACT Government for taking this request seriously,” Mrs Jones concluded.